Underwater Camera Set

underwater camera set

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underwater camera set - Fantasea Nikon

Fantasea Nikon Coolpix P7000 Camera & Underwater Housing Set (with FREE Fantasea Nano Spotter Light - a $9.95 Value)

Fantasea Nikon Coolpix P7000 Camera & Underwater Housing Set (with FREE Fantasea Nano Spotter Light - a $9.95 Value)

The Nikon CoolPix P7000, a compact, high-performance digital camera offers superb image quality and precise imaging control. An ideal traveling companion to your DSLR, the COOLPIX P7000 will be found in gadget bags of advanced amateurs and pro-shooters alike. Powered by Nikon's leading-edge technology, the P7000 is designed for no-limits shooting. In low-light or tricky light, for fast-moving subjects, dramatic landscapes and detailed close-ups, here's a camera capable of keeping pace with your imagination to deliver your take on your world. The FP7000 Housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability. It is depth rated to 60m/200 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls. The Fantasea FP7000 is the ultimate waterproof home for the Nikon Coolpix P7000. The FP7000 Housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography. Underwater photographers can dive or snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world, while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing the action of activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, hunting, backpacking and camping. The FP7000 Housing is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost and other damaging elements. The FP7000 Housing was designed to be compatible with a complete Accessory System, enabling photographers to enhance the quality of their

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Cairns underwater 1

Cairns underwater 1

I didn't have an underwater camera or or set up for my eos 40d to go under water and I wasn't going to risk that on some half baked improvised plan to do some underwater shots. So I decided to risk putting my little Canon Power Shot A450 point and shoot into a plastic bag and make it as water tight as I could so I could take some shots while snorkeling on Green Island near Cairns Last year. Out of about 56 shots this was one of about two or three that was actually in focus or not blurred by too slow shutter speed. Ok for improvised under water photography I suppose.

underwater garden

underwater garden

On the last day of our vacation I could no longer resist the urge to play with my husband's underwater camera. The light was so bright, I couldn't see a thing on the screen or hear the shutter click. I just set it on automatic and fired away until the memory card was filled. The memory card was small so I only managed a dozen or so shots ;-(

underwater camera set

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